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period authentic


An authentic entrance to a special home.. We detail the 18th century staircase in simple or elaborate treatments. Based on the finest examples found in early New England homes. With hand carved balusters, raised paneling and scroll bracket detail, the result is a beautiful piece of woodwork providing your home with an entry of very special interest.




Early American Doorways

One of the most exciting front entrance treatments ever built in New England is the Connecticut Valley Doorway

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Raised Paneling

This composition of raised paneling expresses at once the architectural integrity of the 18th century room

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Period Authentic Kitchens

We produce in authentic detail the cupboards and cabinetry of the 18th century into the context of a modern kitchen

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Period Authentic Fireplaces

The classical elegance of the period mantel, blended tastefully with crown and cornice mouldings, wainscot and chairrail..

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