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Building our heritage into our future...

When I think of the finest homes built in America, I think of the homes built by our forefathers. This was a time of building when the quality of a man's work was inspired by a love for the craft he was striving to perfect and a time when materials of construction were worked with the highest regard for their quality, their origin and their usefulness in place.

As we consider the importance of the buildings of our past, we gain a better understanding of our heritage. And as we study the architectural detail of these colonial homes, we can better appreciate the incredible facility with which the joyner/cabinet-makers of the eighteenth century performed their craft. It is the architectural woodworking of these houses which creates the ultimate excitement for the viewer. I have studied and restored early buildings for many years and have set my company's direction to the faithful reproduction of authentic eighteenth century millwork components.

To me, the architecture is everything and compromising the authenticity of the work because of a lack of knowledge, or for convenience sake is always an unacceptable alternative. These early buildings tell the story of our ancestry more clearly than any other source and each time we lose another antique house, we lose another important piece of the picture of early America.

It is with this dedication to the preservation and reproduction of eighteenth century architecture that we offer our catalog to you.

Edward T. Sunderland III




Early American Doorways

One of the most exciting front entrance treatments ever built in New England is the Connecticut Valley Doorway

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Raised Paneling

This composition of raised paneling expresses at once the architectural integrity of the 18th century room

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Period Authentic Kitchens

We produce in authentic detail the cupboards and cabinetry of the 18th century into the context of a modern kitchen

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Period Authentic Fireplaces

The classical elegance of the period mantel, blended tastefully with crown and cornice mouldings, wainscot and chairrail..

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We are so fortunate to have people like the Keno’s whose love for the colonial craftsman’s work is infectious, their enthusiasm almost impossible to contain as they caress an early Chippendale chair with their eyes, hands and heart on the “Road Show,” read its history in the lines, wood and carvings, then surrender it back to its owner with a smile and a “thank you” for sharing it.