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restoration and repair services

Colonial Window Sashes

We can save your old original windows. We remove the failed putty, points and bedding, re-bed and re-glaze the sash with an oil based glazing compound, re-use the old glass, or replace with old glass as needed.

We also repair any areas of wood sash that have rotted or are missing with a mix of wood and epoxy.  The exterior side can be primed and painted. With proper care, the repaired sash will last for generations. 

Call for pricing as cost varies by size of sash and amount of deterioration.



We are so fortunate to have people like the Keno’s whose love for the colonial craftsman’s work is infectious, their enthusiasm almost impossible to contain as they caress an early Chippendale chair with their eyes, hands and heart on the “Road Show,” read its history in the lines, wood and carvings, then surrender it back to its owner with a smile and a “thank you” for sharing it.